242- Holy Week + injecting a bit about my town

Holy week is here as we draw closer to the death and new life of Jesus and it’s the main focus of this podcast. But as injections are a focus in 2021, I’m also injecting a bit about Corona and my town.

A young teen girl at base of an outdoor cross with lifesize Jesus
Now I know how Mary felt- LifeTeen.com article by Teresa Nguyen

In spite of the punishment meted out to an innocent Jesus as demanded by weak leaders and approved by the crowd of people, their plan backfired when they put to death the man their leaders did not like.

Olga Christine's Icon of the Crucifixion with the Mary's
Olga Christine’s Icon of the Crucifixion- OlgaChristine.com

And through his rebirth, he lives on and is celebrated as a victory of God. ‘Stop Doubting And Believe.’

Painting called Mary meets Christ's 4th sorrow
Our Catholic Prayers.com- The Fourth Sorrow

Inspiring Easter Week Blog Posts:

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My Poem ‘Ode To Corona’ from this weeks podcast:

As I return to the streets of my little village

Now a shell of its former self

With a growing line up of ‘For Rent’ signs

In storefronts with empty shelves.

I venture into my favorite restaurant

Now devoid of patrons and devoid of Life

But full of unused tables

Neatly arranged six feet to the left and right.

The corner where the busker once sang

And celebrated the end of the week

Now has a table behind a Plexiglass barrier

By far it is now the eateries safest seat

And the haunting eyes of the restaurateur

Head of this once busy place

Now he waits on our table, his wife and son

The only other workers this once jovial space.

A child, member of the only other family here this night

Entertains herself by looking at a mirror

That reflects back to her

The only other child here this night.

And though I may be thinner

Since I so rarely go out to dinner

My hope is that these experiences like the 1918 Spanish plague

Also will too, just fade away…

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