30- Ch 19; Fatima

This installment takes us into the turbulence before the start of World War I. A time when modern invention opened up new possibilities for humanity.

In retrospect, what would the world look like today had the tensions that brought all the world into mortal combat been defused before hand?

Though to debate such a reality has no bearing on life today, nor on the lives of our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents anymore – the results cannot be overstated. Because it forever altered the natural growth and maturing of humanity as these generations lost many of their best and brightest.

Human interaction and attitudes of hope and faith took a cataclysmic hit because of the violent destruction.

The Virgin Mary appeared several times before the first world war as the constant procession continues.

There are forty contiguous installments that run around 7 minutes in length each. They will be published every Tuesday morning beginning in August 2016 and read by me, Nikos Steves.

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