244- Christ & Forgiving Others + Lady of Pilar

This installment looks at the celebration beyond Easter Day, plus an apparition of the Virgin Mary before she passed on! The Virgin Mary was living in the region near Jerusalem but suddenly appeared to St. James the Apostle while he was in Spain! This apparition is known as Our Lady of Pilar or Our Lady of the Pillar in present day Zaragoza, Spain on the Ebro River.

Michael O'Neill 'the Miracle Hunter'
On tour in Zaragoza, Spain at the Our Lady of Pilar apparition site with Michael O’Neill, the Miracle Hunter.
Ancient wall from the Roman outpost of Caesaraugusta just beyond the river bank where the Basilica is located.
Photo includes the Cathedral on the Elba River, the place where Our Lady of Pilar is housed in this Cathedral, that was bombed during the Spanish Revolution
The Basilica Neustra Senora del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain is on the Ebro River, where Our Lady of Pilar appeared, pillar is inside.
Wider view of the wall…the actual forum is still intact in a museum several blocks from where the Madonna appeared to St John.
2 Bombs hit the Basilica Neustra Senora del Pilar during the Spanish Revolution, miraculously neither detonated.

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