22- Ch 15; Her Procession

Benoit lived out her days helping build and grow the church that was established for the conversion of sinners as requested by the Virgin Mary.

Benoit is credited with the gift of getting people to open up about their lives not so much to unburden their souls to her, but rather to open up to themselves.

Our Lady of Laus has helped spread the love of God through the intercessions of the Virgin Mary at this site ever since.

However around the time of her death in in the early 1700s, on the world stage tensions begin shifting into various power struggles. From the island of Tinos that is taken by the Ottomans to newly created Serbia, which quickly found itself overtaken once again by the Ottomans.

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The Constant Procession is a book, a personal memoir about the history of the Virgin Mary or the Madonna since she passed on.

There are forty contiguous installments that run around 7 minutes in length each. They will be published every Tuesday morning beginning in August 2016 and read by me, Nikos Steves.

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